pragma solidity ^0.4.15;
import "./TwoPartyArbitrable.sol";
/** @title Arbitrable Transaction
* This is a a contract for an arbitrated transaction which can be reversed by the arbitrator.
* This can be used for buying goods, services and for paying freelancers.
* Party A is the payer. Party B is the payee.
contract ArbitrableTransaction is TwoPartyArbitrable {
string constant RULING_OPTIONS = "Reimburse partyA;Pay partyB";
uint8 constant AMOUNT_OF_CHOICES = 2; // The number of ruling options available.
uint public amount; // Amount sent by party A.
/** @dev Constructor. Choose the arbitrator. Should be called by party A (the payer).
* @param _arbitrator The arbitrator of the contract.
* @param _timeout Time after which a party automatically loose a dispute.
* @param _partyB The recipient of the transaction.
* @param _arbitratorExtraData Extra data for the arbitrator.
* @param _metaEvidence Link to meta-evidence JSON.
Arbitrator _arbitrator,
uint _timeout,
address _partyB,
bytes _arbitratorExtraData,
string _metaEvidence
TwoPartyArbitrable(_arbitrator,_timeout,_partyB,AMOUNT_OF_CHOICES,_arbitratorExtraData, _metaEvidence)
amount += msg.value;
/** @dev Pay the party B. To be called when the good is delivered or the service rendered.
function pay() public onlyPartyA {
amount = 0;
/** @dev Reimburse party A. To be called if the good or service can't be fully provided.
* @param _amountReimbursed Amount to reimburse in wei.
function reimburse(uint _amountReimbursed) public onlyPartyB {
require(_amountReimbursed <= amount, "Cannot reimburse an amount higher than the deposit.");
amount -= _amountReimbursed;
/** @dev Execute a ruling of a dispute. It reimburse the fee to the winning party.
* This need to be extended by contract inheriting from it.
* @param _disputeID ID of the dispute in the Arbitrator contract.
* @param _ruling Ruling given by the arbitrator. 1 : Reimburse the partyA. 2 : Pay the partyB.
function executeRuling(uint _disputeID, uint _ruling) internal {
if (_ruling==PARTY_A_WINS)
else if (_ruling==PARTY_B_WINS)
amount = 0;