Prediction Markets

Truly trustless and decentralized Oracle for Prediction Markets

Key Challenges:

It has been known for some time that prediction markets can be used to make betting more exciting and generate more accurate forecasts than traditional prediction polls. The first prediction markets on Web3 got off to a slow start a few years ago (e.g. Omen, Augur), but the resurgence of this category of dApps is well underway. Better use of liquidity provision incentives, liquidity provider position management automation, rollups, resistance to regulation and the ability to cover a broader spectrum of questions are just some of the advantages that decentralized Web3 prediction markets have over their Web2.0 counterparts. .
However, a truly decentralized prediction market cannot exist without truly decentralized oracle infrastructure as well, and that is where Kleros steps in to fulfill this need.

How Kleros can be used:

Kleros Dispute Resolution System for Oracles:

Kleros Oracle is a product that combines Kleros dispute resolution system with Reality.eth’s optimistic oracle solution to securely bring data regarding off-chain events on-chain.

Verifying list of questions:

Kleros Curate can be used to verify the compliance of each new market with the policies and ethical code of your platform. Simply create a new custom list on Kleros Curate using your market acceptance policy and any submission that successfully makes it onto the list can be treated as being compliant with your platform policies. An example of this is Prode.eth, a betting platform that has integrated Kleros Curate to curate their markets in a decentralized manner.

Integration Options

Through the Kleros+Reality.eth oracle:

Questions can be posed as a question to the Kleros+Reality.eth oracle through either the user interface on Reality.eth or by interfacing directly with the Reality.eth smart contracts. At any point of the answering process in Reality.eth (or when the maximum bond is reached), anyone can "apply for arbitration" to bring in Kleros as an external arbitrator to rule on what the right answer to the question should be.

Through Kleros Curate:

The subgraph endpoints on this page can be used to retrieve the list of questions that have successfully made it onto the list of approved : Interact with Arbitrable apps built on top of Kleros Court

Key Prediction Market partners and users

Kleros is integrated with leading prediction/betting markets such as:
  • Polkamarkets
  • Omen
  • Crypto Unlocked
  • Reality Cards
  • Prode
  • Bhavish Finance
  • Gnosis Auctions

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