Centralized Arbitrator
Test your integration with Kleros Court easily
🔨 Centralized Arbitrator🔨 The Centralized Arbitrator dashboard allows anyone to quickly deploy and operate a centralized arbitrator from a graphical user interface. This serves as a quick demonstration tool and can help to debug arbitrable apps trying to integrate with Kleros Court as an arbitrator.

  • You start by accessing the dashboard and connecting with a Metamask wallet set to the correct network you want to test on.
NETWORK COMPATIBILITY: The Centralized Arbitrator can be used on:
  • Ethereum Mainnet
  • Ethereum Kovan
  • Ethereum Ropsten
  • Ethereum Rinkeby
  • (You can request new testnet support to Kleros team)
  • Then, you choose between:
    • Deploying a new centralized arbitrator
      • Your current Ethereum address will be the owner and will be able to set rulings.
      • You have to set an arbitration fee amount that can be modified later on.
    • Selecting an already deployed centralized arbitrator
      • by inputting its address in the relevant field
      • or selecting it in the dropdown list if you already used it locally.
  • You can change the arbitration fee required by your arbitrator if needed;
  • On the list below, you will be able to track incoming disputes from arbitrable apps, filter them by status and give rulings directly from the interface.
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