Here you can find answers to frequently asked questions.
How does Linguo evaluate the translator's skills?
If there is no evaluation process, how can I be sure the translator is qualified enough for the job?
How are translator skills defined in Linguo?
I am not sure how I rank on the CEFR scale. How can I find out?
What are the Linguo translation tiers?
How do my skill levels affect the number of tasks I will be able to work on as a translator?
Why does Linguo support only translations to and from English?
I need a translation between two languages other than English. What do I do then?
Why do I need to set a minimum and a maximum price when requesting a translation?
What happens to my deposit if a translator picks up the task before it reaches the maximum price?
Is there a limit on the number of translation tasks I can request on Linguo?
Is there a limit on the size (text length) of translation tasks I can request on Linguo?
Should I trust the word count for a given translation task displayed on the Linguo interface?
What are the different fees?
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