ERC-792: Arbitration Standard
A standard for Arbitrable and Arbitrator contracts


The ERC-792 - Arbitration Standard describes a standard of Arbitrable and Arbitrator contracts. Every Arbitrable contract can be adjudicated by every Arbitrator contract. Arbitrator contracts give rulings and Arbitrable contracts enforce them.


Using two contracts allows separation between the ruling and its enforcement. This abstraction allows Arbitrable contract developers not to have to know the internal process of the Arbitrator contracts. Neither do Arbitrator contract developers with Arbitrable ones. It allows dapps to easily switch from one arbitration service to another one. Or to allow their users to choose themselves their arbitration services.
In the linked documentation, you will be guided through the usage of this standard. We will implement some examples for Arbitrable and Arbitrator contracts.
πŸ“œ EIP-792 πŸ“œ
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